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The new branch will be based in near Villach a small city close to both the Italian and Slovenian Border.

The area is known as the Alps Adriatic region where the Julian Alps and Karavanken mountains serve as natural borders between three European nations with diverse languages and cultures where, over time, the influences of each country has crossed over.

At local fairs and shopping areas one can buy products that traditionally came from ‘abroad’. One can easily go shopping in three countries in one day. Due to its position and the presence of a number of important international companies it also has a large international club due to its large expat community with people from all over the world.

Close to Klagenfurt and Ljubljana airports it is also easily accessible to both Venice and Vienna international airport. Villach train station has direct connections to major European cities such as Venice, Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Prague and Warsaw.

The strategic position of our European Branch will facilitate cross border funding projects and meetings in all aspects of our work. We aim to transform this cross border culture into cross border collaboration to bring together our European community.